It's an interesting thought that in just a few days a painful and terribly permanent thing that I have done will be walking around a few thousand miles away from here. 

I like that this will hide beneath common clothes. I'll admit that I do have an attachment to every piece I make it is nice to know that these are regularly tucked away. They are his and nobody else's. 

They don't peak over the collar and they're too fare away from the sleeve. You can only view them if he allows you to. They are his and nobody else's. 

Fuck you Chipotle. 


Working our way around. I really enjoy researching as well as executing a version of this Nordic stuff. Please bring me more if you'd like some.


Ronnie came back to have his hands done. It was nice to hear that he's only received polite admiration for his neck piece. Probably helps that we're in Utah but whatever let's call it a victory for cultural acceptance or some bull-shit. 


It's not an easy area to be tattooed. It took a few sittings but I'm happy that it's walking around completed. It was a style I'd never done before and we played with a few ideas til we found what we were looking for. I'd love to do more like it.


I like to do things. 

I like to make things.

I like to get lost in making one line connect to the last and branch to another. 

There is nothing more satisfying.

My Own

I drew this piece to take a break. 

I drew it to clear my mind.

I drew this without request. 

Ryan saw it and wanted it. 

Thank you Ryan. 

Black and Grey

Standard B&G (black and grey) tattooing requires you to dilute black into lighter and lighter gradients (image to the right). And then we have opaque B&G style (image o the left). While each style produces a similar product they are very different in their application. I enjoy both. This past weekend was exhausting but I had fun with these.


About a year since we started this piece. The octopus above it was done elsewhere but we have some plans to add and keep this leg going soon. Should be fun. 


I did not enjoy last week. But it ended well and I enjoyed these last few pieces from the weekend. 


This tattoo inspired a kick of research in Nordic artwork. I've been collecting an amount of references in the style and would like to to do more tattoos in the same vein. The center cross in this piece was done previously by another artist and I added the Hammer of Thor behind it.


This the slow game. The all day bangers with the with the one and only Ginger Giant. The proverbial powerhouse that is the Red Headed Shrek aka the BFRG aka the Abominable Beet Eater aka the Teacup Tailor. Peep the progress done up by yours truly aka the Lobster King.