All Pinky No Brain

I feel like I'm watching through a window as my brain writhes in joyful delusion. I've done this only a few weeks ago but it feels like much longer. I should probably sleep. A hammock sounds nice. Somewhere just out of reach so I haven't the option to participate in the back and forth between the occasional pearls in a sea of mostly sewage and plastic. Perhaps I could be less vague and say that most people suck but there are the few that improve my day. I remember working on this piece fondly. There doesn't seem to be a point here. I think I'm just typing to avoid talking to people right now. If my fingers keep moving I think I can avoid interruption and the threat of a pointless social interaction all together. But I can see you trying to fall into my eye line. You underestimate my willingness to ignore you. I don't want to talk. I'm not even listening to anything in these headphones. I left my laptop charger at home and don't want to run the battery down by having an extra window open streaming something.