Kolo Unga

Blessed with the devilish good looks of a majestic Mediterranean cowboy and wild wit of someone really clever like a writer or something,  Kolo has decided to grace this world we so humbly trot with arts fit for royalty. Not unlike many artists, Kolo began an interest in art early but only as a tactile mechanism to aid concentration. Using art, whether it were pen to paper or aerosol to brick, Kolo found a consistent hobby that would often take an imbalanced priority over most everything. 


With an almost comically short attention span, Kolo found himself unable to maintain a steady trajectory with his education or career. Upon the realization that any attempt at a career not involving art would likely find him unfulfilled he concentrated his efforts toward tattooing. Using body art with the steady aim of assisting others in creating individuality Kolo has encountered asylum in the quietly ambitious environment that Artsy by Nature Tattoo Studio provides.